Our company offers the mattress, cushion and topper renovation service.

The traditional wool mattress in fact needs to be renovated after about 5 or 6 years.

However, the timing for the spring mattress is different, which guarantees up to 20 years of functionality and efficiency. After 20 years, it is advisable to renovate it.

The mattress renovation process involves washing the wool, followed by re-carding it, through which, in addition to being cleaned of any impurities,

it is untangled as much as possible, to make the textile fibers parallel and thus facilitate subsequent spinning operations.

The lining has also undergone renovation; based on each individual case, Valle di Lana reserves the right to opt for a possible washing or replacement of the same from scratch.

The same restructuring process is also implemented for cushions and toppers.

The objective is to preserve the mattresses, pillows and toppers from the wear and tear of time, also trying to keep their characteristics unchanged.

The customer only has to empty the mattress or pillow, put the wool and pillowcase in a package and we will take care of the collection.

We will proceed with washing the wool, carding, washing the pillowcase or changing it, according to the customer's needs, and finally we will send the refurbished pillow or mattress.

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