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Handcrafted Low Cervical Pillow in English Refino Wool: Natural Comfort for Your Rest


Please note that wool pillows may require an initial settling-in period. Wool is a natural material and may require ABOUT 15 DAYS of use before reaching its final shape.

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The handcrafted low neck pillow in English Refino wool is particularly

indicated for those suffering from cervical and spinal disorders.

100% Made in Italy, the cushion is made with the same excellent materials

which have been used by our mattress makers for over 80 years now. The fibres

natural products, such as wool, cotton and fine silk, which Valle di lana uses for its

construction, ensure that the pillow is hypoallergenic, breathable and thermoregulating,

therefore a guarantee of absolute quality sleep.

Merino wool, in fact, breathable by nature, has a structure capable of

absorb humidity and subsequently evaporate it, making the cushion more

soft and comfortable compared to cushions made with other types of fibres. The same

wool also has thermoregulation capabilities, because it is able to align itself as best as possible

to the body temperature, helping to keep it high in winter and low

in the summertime.

The cushion is made of 1.3 kg of wool and 200 g of lining, entirely made of fabric

in cotton.

It is available in standard sizes, which correspond exactly to:

LENGTH 70 cm, WIDTH 38 cm, HEIGHT 11 cm.

It is possible, upon request, to customize the cushion, both in size and shape

composition, contact us by phone for a quote.

The price may vary depending on the size of the pillow and the amount of additional wool and type of pillowcase you choose.

Valle di lana offers fabrics in different colors to also customize the cushion cover

itself, and thus best satisfy the needs and tastes of the customer.

Valle di lana also offers a cushion renovation service, which

requires that, once a year, the wool of which the cushion is made is sent

properly washed and disinfected.

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