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It is recommended to confirm the measurements carefully before proceeding with the purchase because the wool mattress can vary from height, weight, quantity of wool to width.

Since our mattresses are also customizable, having the perfect size of the base allows us to do an "excellent" job without errors.

Before proceeding, call the Valle di lana company on 3468288937 or 3460307943 to confirm everything.

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Initial Settlement Tips:

Our natural wool mattresses require approximately two months of initial adjustment.

We recommend rotating the mattress head and foot for the first two months even two or three times a week so that the mattress settles well and the wool mixes evenly.

After this period the product takes on the conformity of the customer, it is therefore sufficient to always turn the mattress upside down even once a week, after this period of approximately two months the product softens and flattens.

We therefore suggest waiting for this to have the product fully settled.

The handcrafted mattress, in pure virgin wool, is entirely sewn and

made by hand and with natural products, such as wool, cotton and linen.

The covering, the lining, is in pure cotton, and on request it is possible to make it in the

color most pleasing to the customer.

Our wool mattress is breathable, anti-decubitus, and fireproof, being characteristic

of wool the extreme difficulty in catching fire.

The dimensions correspond exactly to:


LENGTH 190 cm, WIDTH 160 cm, HEIGHT 25 cm


LENGTH 190 cm, WIDTH 120 cm, HEIGHT 25 cm


LENGTH 190 cm, WIDTH 80 cm, HEIGHT 25 cm

It is possible on request to have customized dimensions, both for length and

for the width and height. The changes include a 15% surcharge

at the list price of the mattress.

After a certain period of time, which varies between 2 and 3 years of life, the mattress, a

regardless of its composition, it requires maintenance, in

so that it continues to be comfortable and efficient.

We at Valle di Lana, upon request, are also able to offer a renovation service

of the mattress, thus preserving the health of the product. To find out more, please consult

the dedicated page.

The renovation of the mattress first involves washing the wool, and

subsequently its recarding, in order to eliminate impurities. Even the lining

is subjected to washing, and if its condition is not the best,

is replaced with a new lining.

We also point out that for the mattress to be preserved over time as much as possible

possible, thus maintaining stability and comfort, it is of primary importance to ensure that it rests

on a quality slatted base. In the catalogue, we at Pirelax have six-foot nets and

with three crossbars, which can be viewed on the dedicated page.

We strongly advise against four-foot nets with only one or two crossbars.

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